CoinMarketDir launched in the early months of 2017. The year where interest in Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain had started increasing all around the world.

More and more people were learning about this disruptive technology that posed a threat to traditional banks & legacy technologies used to transfer money. Bitcoin, Ethereum and other major Crypto assets saw their prices starting to increase & soar in value.

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With the big interest and a big influx of new novice users entering the industry, it was no surprise that scammers would be at the forefront ready to scam amateur users that just entered the space..

That’s where CoinMarketDir comes in. Our goal was to build an unbiased platform that would contain a selected & curated list of Crypto-related resources. This would vastly benefit novice users that don’t know where to start off when first entering the Cryptocurrency market.

2 years after our initial launch, and CMD is back with a brand new design & updated website, with an even better selection of links that we think are essential for all Crypto enthusiasts.

Crypto Links